If you're a practical Austin driver that recognizes the erratic nature of the open road, it's time to look at what a Volvo Increased Protection (VIP) extended warranty plan can do for you. While most drivers might consider an extended warranty plan just another added expense, the value they carry goes above and beyond what you'll put into it, and you can sign up for one whether you are driving a new or used car in Austin.

Auto parts in Austin can be expensive, particularly if you are driving an older luxury car in Austin. These costs can be mitigated by choosing the right plan. And for those who are just experiencing what a brand new Volvo feels like, you can still sign up for an extended warranty plan that lets you customize the amount of coverage you need right down to the mileage.

VIP extended warranty plans can improve the resale value of your vehicle thanks to the fact that they are transferable to a subsequent owner should you decide to sell. No matter if you're driving an old sedan or a new luxury SUV in Austin, VIP plans are undoubtedly a win for our customers.

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