The new Volvo wagons belong in a city like Austin. You are probably going to feel the difference the moment you take one of the wagons for a test drive. The following are some of Volvo's newest wagons to keep an eye on.

V90 Cross Country

The V90 Cross Country is the definition of luxury with a bit of a twist: it's rugged. Yes, part of what makes the V90 special is that it takes a little of both worlds and blends it into one vehicle that could easily take you to a show near Bee Cave or into the mysteries tucked away on an off-road trail near Lakeway.

You get five seats with this vehicle, so your family or friends can join in the fun. The V90 can get you there and back in an economical way because Volvo has been working hard on improving gas economy. This popular wagon offers you up to 31 miles per gallon.

V60 Cross Country

This is another cross country Volvo model worth your consideration. The overall design of the V60 Cross Country is a bit of a dream if you happen to be dreaming about Scandinavia. This is simply because the designers were inspired by the classy Scandinavian design, which adds a different kind of feeling to the Volvo.

You will immediately see and feel it when you are ready for that test drive. Part of what makes this vehicle special is its extra ride height, which helps it stand out from other wagons.

This height makes off-road driving around Pflugerville a lot easier. You also get up to 250 horsepower to help you get around or haul whatever you might need to haul. This is an all-wheel drive wagon, which should make precision driving even smoother. This will be helpful for city and off-road driving.

These are examples of some of the wagons Volvo has for you, but go ahead and look through inventory to find more options or to find out more about the two mentioned here. Hopefully, you find what you are looking for at our Volvo dealership near San Marcos. It should get you pumped for that test drive we want you to take.

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