Volvo's new sedans encapsulates the essence of luxury, comfort and power. The Scandinavian moderate approach to design stands out in its streamlined profile and clean sculpted sides. And you will deeply enjoy the uncluttered craftsmanship of the interior on both the Volvo S90 and S60 sedans.

Volvo S90

The new Volvo S90 is a full-size sedan that seats five in maximum comfort with plenty of leg and head room.


Volvo S60

The new Volvo S60 is a mid-size sedan that also seats five in contour supportive seating with power height adjustment.

You can boost the comfort level on both sedans with the optional seats that includes multi-directional lumbar support, power- adjustable side bolsters and extending seat cushions. Both you and your passengers will appreciate Volvo Cars' CleanZone technology, which keeps the interior air fresh and clean by circulating all air through a multi-filter system.

Volvo furnished their new sedans with advanced safety technology that will put you in complete control of the hull. Your eyes never have to leave the roads of Pflugerville due to the Head-up display that projects graphics and text on the lower part of your windshield. As it adapts to light conditions, you'll see alert warnings, speed limits, cruise control functions, navigation directions, road signs, and even incoming phone calls.

The 9” Sensus Touchscreen center portrait display is your multi-function controller with separate vehicle functions and app functions that can be controlled by touch or voice. Radar and camera technology provides you with City Safety, Pilot Assist and 360? SurroundView systems, to help protect you and your passengers from impending hazards and to assist with braking, steering and acceleration to avoid any danger as you drive around Bee Cave and Lakeway.

The new Volvo sedans features low fuel consumption and emissions; averaging 22/24 MPG city and 31/34 MPG highway. They sport a 4-cylinder engine with available turbocharging, supercharging, and hybrid technology. The 8-speed automatic transmission twin-engine plug-in hybrid offers three drive modes; default hybrid, electric-only power, and power mode that combines the use of the turbo and supercharging gasoline engine and the powerful electric motor.

The new Volvo sedans offers a range of accessories so you can tailor your ride to have the exclusive look and feel of your lifestyle.

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