2023 Volvo Powertrain Comparison

2023 Volvo Powertrain Comparison: Which is Right for You?

The future is looking very bright, especially for Volvo drivers. If you want to get an efficient, luxurious driving experience, then a new 2023 Volvo SUV, sedan, or wagon is the model for you. On top of renowned Scandinavian luxury, 2023 Volvo models will now all come with electrified powertrains, ensuring great performance and fuel efficiency around Austin, TX.

Mild-Hybrid Powertrains

New for 2023, Volvo has switched from solely gasoline powertrains in favor of a mild-hybrid configuration. With a new mild-hybrid Volvo sedan, SUV, or wagon model, you can take advantage of increased fuel efficiency thanks to a standard 48-volt battery. This battery works to make your Volvo engine's start/stop technology smoother, increasing your average fuel economy in the long run. With the addition of mild hybrid technology in all 2023 Volvo models, Austin drivers can take advantage of remarkable fuel efficiency, even without charging capability. All 2023 Volvo models not part of the Volvo Recharge lineup will come standard with mild-hybrid technology.

Plug-In Hybrid Powertrains

If you want to take control of a new Volvo model with added plug-in hybrid efficiency, you'll love the many models available within the Volvo Recharge lineup. At Volvo Cars of Austin, we believe that our plug-in hybrid Volvo models are great for drivers who want to boost their fuel efficiency to the next level. With a plug-in hybrid Volvo SUV, sedan, or wagon model, you can enjoy the flexible benefits of at-home or public charging for remarkable fuel efficiency and even all-electric driving capability.

Ready to take home the plug-in hybrid model that's best for you? If you want to ergonomic design and high-end technology of a new Volvo sedan, you'll love the plug-in hybrid powertrain available with the compact new Volvo S60 Recharge or the more spacious Volvo S90 Recharge. Austin drivers who want plenty of space and towing power will love the plug-in hybrid technology of new Volvo Recharge SUVs, such as a mid-size new Volvo XC60 Recharge and a full-size new Volvo XC90 Recharge. We also tend to have many plug-in hybrid Volvo wagon models available, including the new sporty new Volvo V60 Recharge or the roomy new Volvo V90 Recharge.

Pure Electric Powertrains

Of course, the most exciting additions to the new Volvo lineup have to be the lavish, athletic pure electric Volvo models. When you take a look at our Volvo Recharge lineup, you can test out the all-electric performance available with certain new Volvo models, allowing you to cruise around Austin without worrying about wasting money at the pump. Instead, your new Volvo Recharge model will be powered purely by electricity using either an at-home charger or a public charging station. With hundreds of miles of pure electric cruising at your disposal, you can take your new all-electric Volvo Recharge model on your work commutes, long-distance road trips, and everything in between.

Right now, the Volvo Recharge lineup has two distinct pure electric vehicles that are ready to help you make the most out of your cruises in the Austin area. If you want to feel the fun of an athletic, comfortable, and sustainable crossover SUV, then you'll love the all-electric punch that comes with a new Volvo C40 Recharge. In addition to that, Austin drivers can take advantage of the compact Volvo XC40 Recharge SUV for a spacious, capable package with a head-turning exterior design.