A More Efficient Future

Volvo has been a pioneer in the automotive industry since it started, and the brand is turning that forward-thinking approach towards a more sustainable future. More efficient and electric vehicles are becoming more popular, and you can see that today with the many Volvo plug-in hybrids for sale in Austin. But, that's not all that Volvo is doing to reduce its carbon footprint. Read more below about the luxury automaker's plans for a better future.

What is the Volvo 2025 Electrification Promise?

In 2018, Volvo set up a plan to reduce their carbon footprint, offer more electric vehicles, and be carbon neutral along all steps of car manufacturing, from mining materials to selling luxury cars in Austin. Their goal for 2025 is to reduce their carbon footprint by 40% compared to 2018 and to have half of all vehicles they sell be completely electric.


The other half? Hybrids. That means no solely gas-powered luxury cars. Plus, by 2040, Volvo plans to be climate neutral, and that means steps that our Austin Volvo dealership has taken too!

What Steps is Volvo Taking Towards This Promise?

Volvo has already started progressing towards these goals as many of their models, from the Volvo S90 to the Volvo XC60, offer plug-in T8 hybrid power trains. They've also announced the exciting Volvo XC40 Recharge, their first all-electric luxury SUV, coming in 2020.

Electrified Driving Reinvented

The reality is that even plug-in hybrid vehicles create carbon emissions because they use gasoline.  Looking ahead and determining what it's going to take to make an impressionable difference in our driving community at large, the experts at Volvo are coming up with ways to reward drivers who travel using pure electric mode.

Car Making. Recharged.

Towards the carbon footprint reduction, Volvo already uses renewable energy in 80% of their global plants, and they have plans to use more recycled plastics in their vehicles without impacting the luxury feel you know and love.

Driving the Industry Forward

The future of driving is electric, and Volvo is ready to change how car manufacturers operate, which is leading to some exciting new luxury electric vehicles. Come by our dealership to talk with us about Volvo's plans for the future today!