There are several easy ways to tell if you need new brakes, including squealing or grinding noise, strange smells, a tendency for the vehicle to jut forward or pull to a side, or vibration in the steering wheel. All of these are red flags that you should schedule brake service as soon as possible.

What Affects Brake Health?

The brakes are one of the most important features on any vehicle - after all, keeping brakes in good condition can mean the difference between avoiding a collision entirely or facing injury and a big repair bill when they fail.

How often should you change your brakes, though? It depends on a few things:

  • Your driving habits
  • Environment
  • Your vehicle's performance profile
  • Brake pad quality and materials

If you're not sure when you need new brakes, consult your owner's manual, or contact our service department for assistance.

How Often Should I Replace My Brakes?

In most cases, it's a good idea to get your brake pads replaced every 50,000 miles. If you don't drive regularly - like regular commutes between between Dallas and San Antonio - you may be able to get away with changing your brake pads at 75,000-mile intervals. But if you're dealing with stop-and-go traffic around Houston every day, you'll likely need to get them changed more frequently, about every 25,000 miles.

Get Your Brakes Serviced at Volvo Cars of Austin

If your vehicle is in need of brake pad replacement, or if you've run into some of the issues we've described, come to Volvo Cars of Austin. You'll find us in Austin, TX - conveniently located near both Dallas and Houston Be sure to take a look at our service specials, too!


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