What Does Volvo Cars of Austin Offer Drivers from Austin TX, Bee Cave TX, Lakeway TX, Pflugerville TX and San Marcos TX? Truly Exceptional Customer Service from Every Angle!

Here at Volvo Cars of Austin, everything we do revolves around you. Our various teams are trained to address your needs from the moment you walk through the door, whether you're in the market for your next vehicle or tuning up your current one.

Starting with our selection of new 2018-2019 Volvo models, our Austin showroom is the place to be if you're in the market for a Volvo XC40, S60, V60, XC60, S90, V90, or XC90.

Looking to save some money in the search for your next car? Volvo Cars of Austin also carries a wide range of used cars from Volvo, as well as today's other top automakers.

Once you've chosen your next car, Volvo Cars of Austin helps you take those all-important next steps towards driving home the Volvo of your dreams. Our team of financing experts are trained to sort through various auto loan and lease details in order to help you find the right one for your needs.

Even after you've driven your new Volvo XC40, S60, V60, XC60, S90, V90, or XC90 out of our showroom, Volvo Cars of Austin continues to support you to ensure you have a great ownership experience. Our Volvo service department offers everything from routine maintenance to repairs, when they're needed. And for those of you who prefer to tinker under the hood yourselves, we keep a healthy stock of auto parts for your endeavors as well.

As you can see, Volvo Cars of Austin is equipped to handle all of your automotive needs. We  keep in mind everyone's needs are different though, so we encourage you contact us today to see what we can do for you or visit us at 6375 East Highway 290 in Austin, Texas.

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

I would absolutely recommend Volvo Cars of Austin to anyone I know. I went to Wayne initially because he came highly recommended, and he was everything I heard he was.  He treats me like I am his only customer, and he is always available at a moments notice if I need anything.  He talks to me like he is my next door neighbor and explains my options in simple language. I don't want to learn about auto financing, I just want to know someone that does that I can trust. Wayne is that guy.  The service and warranty work are done with true craftsmanship and integrity, and it is always done quickly and ahead of schedule.  I have bought many vehicles in my life, but this experience and this dealership have made me realize what true customer care can  really be.

Kim Wheeler

Dear Mr. Stein,

    I wanted to personally tell you how much I am indebted to Mr. Wayne Hardy for all the care, knowledge and attention I receive each time I purchase my new car, 3 new cars in 4 years.

    Dealing with the purchase of a new car can be an extremely stressful time. I know at Volvo Cars of Austin, I am always taken care of . It's an enjoyable experience. Actually, I stop by and have coffee when I am in the area.

    Wayne always make sure I am taken care of in the most timely and cost effective ways. I will never buy a car from anywhere mother than Volvo Cars of Austin and Wayne Hardy. I highly recommend this dealership, any chance I get.

Julie Grenaille

David, Dean, Rick and Jim:

We couldn't let another day go by without sending our gratitude for how well we were recently taken care of by Volvo Cars of Austin following our daughter's small fender bender involving our S80.  The accident reminded us as to why we continue to do business with all of you and why we plan to continue doing so in the future.

We were still pretty shaken up by the whole incident when we arrived at your collision center on Wednesday, but were immediately assured that all will be well by Archie.  What a class act he is and what an asset he is to your company.  Archie not only eliminated our anxieties, he also comforted Kristen as only a true professional and true gentlemen could.  We will be forever grateful to him and the entire staff, including Kenneth and Jessica.

Thanks again for proving customer service does indeed still exist.  Please know that when we feel it's time for another vehicle purchase, we will look no where else but Volvo Cars of Austin.

Best regards,

Carla and Steve Smith

Chris did such a great job that, not only did he already make contact with us - but we've already done the entire deal and our new Volvo is parked in our garage.  All completed in just a few hours time.

Working with Chris was an absolute pleasure,  The same holds true for the sales manager we dealt with.  But, Chris was unbelievably quick and so articulate in his response to all my questions, by e-mail, phone, and during the purchase procedure.  I have to say, I'm 58 years-old and have purchased many cars and never before has a car buying experience been so smooth -- and even fun.  My husband felt the same way.  You've got a great team up there - hang onto them!   We will definitely HIGHLY recommend your dealership & staff to our friends and family.

Thank you very much for making my life a little easier!


Sue Rausch

I am from Dallas and found Volvo Cars of Austin on the net through AutoTrader and Cars.com. The experience of buying a car from out of town was wonderful and our salesman, Scott Hamilton, was very friendly, knowledgeable, attentive and professional. We highly recommend Volvo Cars of Austin!


It was easy to deal. I thought I had a very professional salesperson. I did it first on the Internet with him. Then just made an appointment with him. He didn't try to sell me anything I didn't want. Showed me every feature about the car. It was really good.


We got a good deal on a nice car. With the help of the salesman Scott, there were very few problems. We felt like we got more car than we expected to begin with. It was real good. He worked with us. We got a really good deal and a fine car.



Yesterday, I picked up my S40 T5 from your dealership and couldn't have been more pleased with my salesman, Scott Hamilton, and the great deal I got on the vehicle.

In fact, it was so good, I drove more than 300 miles from Edinburg, Texas to get my car at Volvo Cars in Austin.

I'm 38 years old and this is the 5th car I've purchased/leased and this was by far the best experience I've ever had. 

Many thanks


Dear Mr. Hardy and Mr Davis:

    We have just completed the purchase of a new Volvo XC60 at your dealership on November 27th.  I wanted to write a note of appreciation and to apprise you of our experience at your company.
    When we started looking for a new car we were not necessarily looking for a Volvo. We were looking for a fourth car. We are not particular about any brand of automobile and we have no allegiance to any particular dealership. We currently own a Toyota, a Kia and a Ford Expedition. In the past we have owned a Chevy, a Pontiac, a Volkswagen and several other makes. So you can see that when we walked into your dealership we came in completely neutral and uncommitted.
    We were looking to get the best value for our money and also the overall experience with the dealership. These would be our two major deciding factors. I have horror stories that I could tell you about car salespeople in my past car searches and the current search as well. However, our experience with James Walpole has been nothing short of exemplary. From the get-go his attitude has been one of superior professionalism. He has shown utmost respect for our needs and our purchase timelines. At no point in the whole purchase process did we feel that we were being unduly pressured, taken advantage of or being given incorrect information. Whenever we asked James for any information about the vehicle he was very prompt in his responses and he always gave us all we had requested. I was very up-front with James about the cars we were looking at and I had made him aware that, although the Volvo was an excellent vehicle, it would not be an automatic finalist for us. Not once did James use the ordinary, ho-hum tactics of car salespeople by criticizing the finalists we had picked or telling us how his whole family drove a Volvo and... well you know how that goes. We really appreciated that. What he did tell us was the salient features of the XC60, how it would fit our lifestyle and our needs, how we would never regret the decision to buy the Volvo and how the dealerships stands behind the product. I, personally, appreciated the fact that he respected my opinion and decision-making abilities rather then writing me off as an ignorant, female customer as have so many other car salespeople in the past 3 months. James was very patient even after we changed our mind about the color three times. His pleasant, professional demeanor went a long way is helping us make the decision about the dealership to choose.
    It is our hope that the car lives up to it's reputation and that our experience with your service department is just as stellar. In fact, our only negative experience was with the service department when they did not have the car cleaned to our satisfaction for delivery. But James took care of that and when we took delivery of the car it was in mint condition.
    Overall, right from the sales staff to the finance office (Derek Kirbo), our experience with Volvo Cars of Austin has been outstanding. Ryan Palm, the salesperson who helped us one day when James was out, was also very informative and professional. We will gladly recommend your dealership, and in particular James Walpole, to any of our friends who wish to shop for a Volvo. We had a choice to buy a car from Austin or from Demontrond in Houston from where we purchased our Volkswagen after being treated very badly by the local Volkswagen dealer. It is solely because of the experience at your dealership that we stayed in Austin. Once again, we appreciate the courtesy and professionalism displayed to us. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding my experiences.

With best regards,

Amardeep Kahlon

My relationship with the Volvo Cars of Austin dealership in Austin and Volvo autos began in 2002. This relationship has spanned four (4) Volvo vehicles, one (1) wedding, three (3) new jobs, three (3) children and one (1) very extreme accident? and it has all developed with the manner in which the staff at the dealership have worked and grown to know who I am, my needs and the needs of my family and situation.

It started with Warwick Andrews, now retired, and continues happily to this day with Jim Coyle and Chris Langenfeld. Traveling to Austin is a pleasure when having to work with these people at your dealership. They have made my experience at Volvo Cars of Austin one of, if not the best, customer service experience I have had in my life? and I have lived in many other major cities, New York, Atlanta and Boston to name a few.

There is however not enough space on this document to fully express how I, and my family, feel about Jim Coyle. Taking one's car in for maintenance for most people is a chore. Jim's disposition, care, service, attention to detail, knowledge, warmth and professional temperament has made coming in for repairs a joy and effortless procedure. Jim, in many ways, is the reason that I have stayed with Volvo Cars of Austin.

He is superior in his execution of his duties. He is accurate, prompt and embodies the reliability of the Volvo name. I am certain in his role he encounters many individuals who are frustrated, upset and angry. However he acts effortlessly in his diffusion of possible volatile situations. I have however, never had a scenario in which my interaction with him was tenuous. It has always been a delight. Especially with the accident involving my first vehicle, S40, and the water damage to the engine.  Jim went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the safety of my family and that the repairs to the vehicle were as flawless as possible.

Diligence is another word that describes Jim Coyle. Jim trusts his customers' judgment when their vehicle is not performing optimally. When my S60 was smoking, and there were no visible, auditory or digital indicators of the problem, Jim kept the car to address the issue. It took many days for the car to display the issue. His patience with the situation, trust in the customer and unyielding perseverance in solving problems is what makes Jim Coyle a world class employee? and an invaluable asset to your operation and organization.

In the realm of sales, Chris Langenfeld has worked with me with the sale of my S40, and purchase of my V70, XC 90 and my S60. He is one of the easiest people with which to interact and discuss the nuances of the purchasing process. He also respects the relationship I have with the dealership and more so understands the importance of my vehicles to my family's safety and travel needs. The purchasing side has been seamless and, I proudly say, a complete pleasure. Chris is undoubtedly the best person on the sales floor in your organization. He is honest, trustworthy and straightforward.

Because of Jim, Chris and the outstanding performance of my Volvo vehicles I will be a lifelong customer at Volvo Cars of Austin. If it were not for the S40 and its performance in the accident, my firstborn would not be alive. On a joyous note my eldest child came home from the hospital at birth in that S40; my second child in the XC90 and my one year old came home in the V70. Thank you for your service and the great individuals that work for your organization. I am Volvo? for life.

Dave Louis, Ph.D.

"This was one of my best car buying experiences.  Due to the lack of cars in Houston, I had to go to Austin to get a 2009 S60.  After buying it there I think I'd drive back and buy there again!"

Thomas from Houston, Texas

Scott Hamilton represents the product & the dealership with a high degree of professionalism and integrity.  This is second vehicle purchased from Scott.  When I buy my next Volvo my hopes are Scott is still there because the experience is painless!

Timothy from Austin, Texas

Just a short note to say THANK YOU!! It was a wonderful experience buying the new Volvo. It was a pleasure meeting you and we really appreciate the lunch. After spending my career in the car business I really appreciate how you treated us. Please tell your salesman, James, and your F&I lady, Ann, thank you for being so professional. Thank You!!! By the way, The S80 is the finest driving experience I have ever had.


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