2019 Volvo S90

If you're gearing up to make a purchase, you may be wondering, "Do you need full coverage on a used financed car?" In almost all cases, the answer is yes, but there are many things you should consider before making a final decision. Our finance team is well-prepared to provide the answers you need.

Financing a Used Car with Full Coverage

Although full coverage on a used car purchase is usually not a legal requirement, it's almost always a requirement of financiers and lenders. Most don't make a distinction between financing a new car vs. financing a used model, because at the end of the day, their main consideration is the soundness of their investment.

If you get in an accident during the period of time when you're still making payments on your loan, your lender will want you to be protected by some combination of comprehensive insurance, liability insurance, and collision insurance - or full coverage, in other words.

When you sign a financing agreement, you and your lender will agree on a definite loan term. In almost all cases, the amount of time that you're required to have full coverage is equal to this term. How many years can you finance a used car? The answer will depend on many factors, including your credit, your debt-to-income ratio, your down payment, and your relationship with the lender.

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      2019 Volvo V90

How to Finance a Used Car

Once you've found the used vehicle that satisfies all of your needs, it's time to start the financing process. Getting the best possible deal often involves comparing financing offers from multiple sources, but every potential lender will want to know who they're working with. Most will request the following documents and information:

  • Valid Car Insurance Card
  • Valid Driver's License
  • Proof of Income
  • Documentation for the vehicle you currently own, or for any model that you plan on trading in.

When you finance with Volvo Cars of Austin, we'll mobilize our network of lenders to get you the best possible rate. Once we've found you a match, we'll go over the loan terms in detail, so you can make sure that there are no surprises when it's time to add your signature!


Financing a Used Car with Volvo Cars of Austin

When you find a used car for sale at Volvo Cars of Austin, you can enjoy a stress-free purchasing process. We'll be with you every step of the way, from the moment you start your search to the day when you drive home to Austin or Dallas.

Ready to take the next steps? Contact Volvo Cars of Austin today to apply for financing or learn more about used car financing in Central Texas.