Anyone with their ear to the ground in the automotive world can sense the coming of an driver assistance driving revolution, and the Volvo 360c is the latest herald of change. Just unveiled, the new concept maps out the future.

Volvo 360c Mission Statement

Let's be up front about this: the Volvo 360c is a concept. That means that it's more of an indication of what's to come than a model you're likely to see roaming the roads of San Antonio and Dallas in the near future.

So, what is the Volvo 360c telling us? It's classified as a Level 5 driver assistance vehicle by the Society of Automotive Engineers, which means it would be capable of operating in full driver assistance mode. It isn't yet capable of matching that dream in reality, but it's a clear sign of how Volvo is rethinking transportation.

Volvo 360c Design

If you do see the Volvo 360c hanging around the streets of Houston, it's not going to pass you by. The long glass canopy covers a future-focused vehicle with prominent fins at the back and a front-end that looks nothing like anything currently on the road.

To enter the vehicle, you'll use a single butterfly door. Once inside, you'll find plenty of space to stretch out and relax. The 360c is about the same size as a XC90 SUV, but the absence of a combustion engine provides far more interior space.

Volvo 360c Features

As you might expect, this Volvo concept uses innovative features. Those fins at the rear are an information board - they can indicate a reservation number when the vehicle is used in a ride-hailing scenario.

You'll also find information readouts at the front of the car, radar detectors just below, plus 3D cameras and laser sensors. A 360-degree strip of LED lights communicates the Volvo 360c's intent to pedestrians and human-driven cars.

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