Volvo Wipers

Whether it's raining or you're just needing to use some wiper fluid in your drive around Houston, Volvo headlight wipers are indispensable tools for the road. These handy accessories keep your headlights free of grit and grime, which enhances your visibility in poor driving conditions. But if your headlight wiper blades have seen better days, when should you start shopping for a replacement? Learn all about when to replace headlight wipers with Volvo Cars of Austin.

Examining Your Headlight Wiper Blades

When to replace Volvo headlight wipers can vary from driver to driver. Windshield wiper blades are typically replaced twice per year, and we recommend that drivers change their headlight wiper blades at the same time. You can also check your blades periodically for wear and tear.

Drivers in harsher climates may prefer to change sets more frequently, while those in mild climates can squeeze a little more use out of every set. What are the warning signs that your set is due for a replacement? Examine the blades for cracks, debris, and damage. Also, pay attention to your headlight performance. If your headlights appear dimmer at night, your wipers might not be doing their job!

Inspecting Wipers

Finding Genuine Volvo Parts

When choosing your replacement Volvo headlight wipers, it's important to look for genuine Volvo parts. Some drivers scour aftermarket options, but keep in mind that aftermarket parts are not backed by the original manufacturer. That means there's no guarantees that they will fit your Volvo or perform as intended. At Volvo Cars of Austin, we are proud to offer genuine parts to customers from San Antonio to Dallas. That means that you can purchase with total peace of mind! Compare genuine Volvo parts vs. aftermarket parts in depth to learn more.

Installing Your Replacement

Now that you've secured your replacement Volvo headlight wipers, what should you do? Some drivers like to install their new headlight wiper blades by themselves, and since the process is similar to changing your windshield wiper blades, most can handle the task without trouble.

However, other drivers prefer a professional touch. If you'd like to let the experts handle the task, our technicians would be happy to install your replacement and take care of any other routine maintenance that you need. You can even schedule your service online!

installing wipers in the rain

Order Your Volvo Parts Today

Ready to order your Volvo headlight wipers? Check out the parts department at Volvo Cars of Austin and let our experts bring back the life to your vehicle! If you have any questions, feel free to contact our team today!