While diesel remains a popular choice for truck buyers, and many other automakers still swear by high-torque diesel engines, Volvo has decided that it's time to lay its diesel line to rest. While this change undoubtedly saddens many diesel car lovers, for Volvo it's another way of upgrading their model lineup by widening their selection of electric vehicles, a fact that's met with great applause in cities like Dallas that are leading the way in renewable energy usage.

An Ambitious Target

While many industry experts aren't surprised that Volvo is moving away from diesel in the wake of emissions scandals from companies such as Volkswagen, the company's commitment to converting as much as half its fleet to electric by 2024 has some sitting up and taking notice.

Volvo announced in 2017 that all new models from the 2019 model lineup onward would contain electric engines, that would include plug-in hybrid, and electric, and hybrid gasoline-electric engines. While this was met with skepticism by some, recent announcements have made it clear that they are committed to this change both for the benefit of their bottom line and our natural environment.

Phasing Out Internal Combustion

The end of diesel is only the beginning for Volvo. In a recent Road & Track interview, the Swedish automaker confirmed that it will not develop any further internal combustion engines when its 2.0L turbocharged technology ends its usable life. The manufacturer has stated that it prefers instead to focus on developing electric technologies that will compete with those offered by Tesla motors. Work is needed, however, because long commutes, such as those between San Antonio and Houston require more range and batteries that can handle the heat of the Texas sun - technologies that Volvo is working to perfect.

Explore the New Volvo Lineup

While Volvo's diesel engines might be out, there is still plenty to get excited about in the new Volvo vehicle lineup. Explore our comprehensive inventory today and find the perfect luxury vehicle to make hitting the road something you might actually look forward to. Contact Volvo Cars of Austin to get started today.


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