New Electric & Hybrid Volvo Vehicles in Austin, TX

Volvo Is Driving the Transition to Electric Cars. Get Yours in Austin, TX

Volvo is known for building vehicles with class and elegance, and they're adding some new and impressive additions to their line of products. With electric, hybrid, and alternative fuel engines, they're doing their part as stewards of the environment. Volvo vehicles have strengths in many areas that make them great for shoppers in the Bee Cave, TX area.

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Hybrid Features

Volvo hybrids bring the benefits of gas and electric vehicles into a single carriage. Their project here is built on the philosophy of transition. While gas vehicles tend to be dominant, some automakers are expecting electric vehicles to eventually replace gas vehicles. This means that hybrid technology is more important than ever.

All Volvo hybrid vehicles feature both a gas and an electric engine. But different models give you a different ratio of power from each engine. You might find one car or SUV that relies mostly on its gas engine, but another might rely mostly on its electric engine.

And in some cases, you can purchase a hybrid electric vehicle that can run only on its electric engine, but you can also fuel it up with regular gas if you choose to do so. But when you combine the two engines, you'll get a car that can produce over 400 horsepower in total. Having all of this power at once isn't necessary for every occasion, so you can set it aside in the interest of saving money on gas if you'd like.

Finally, new hybrid Volvo vehicles are built with performance in mind. The battery is placed along the underside of the vehicle near the drive shaft, and this gives the car a lower center of gravity. This will let you accelerate faster and make sharper turns, and this is what gives hybrid Volvo vehicles like the XC90 Hybrid their air of elegance and class that other automakers strive to emulate.

Improvements like this are what drive the switch from gas vehicles to fully electric cars. The gap is closing, and it's all thanks to Volvo.

Electric Features

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular as time passes, so it's important to understand the fundamentals of what they have on the market. When the engineers at Volvo design a new vehicle, they prioritize a healthy balance of power, maneuverability, elegance, and reliability. This means that when you buy or lease a new Volvo, you're getting a vehicle that's built to take you long distances on a single charge.

With their impressive new engineering techniques, they've put together a new design that runs faster, more efficiently, quieter, and smoother than ever before. Regenerative braking can put energy back into your battery, so you won't lose out on as much charging time when you're driving through the city.

On some electric Volvo models, you can find dual electric motors. They work together to give you a longer range, smoother ride, and faster acceleration. When you buy an electric Volvo, you'll have the added convenience of being able to charge your car at home. For some customers, this can make all the difference. Now you can enjoy the elegance of a Volvo without having to stop at the gas station in Pflugerville, TX.

Alternative Fuel Volvo Vehicles

Volvo is also investing in alternative fuels for their new engines. Their Cummins® line runs on natural gas instead of electric, diesel or unleaded gasoline. Natural gas is superior in some applications because it's renewable and it produces fewer harmful chemicals when it's used and produced.

While this line of engines is typically only seen in semi-trucks, we may see them soon converted to use in consumer automobiles. But as they stand today, they have a superior amount of power. In some situations they can produce nearly 1,500 pound-feet of torque. These amazing creations are built to stay cool while running for a long time, so customers can expect them to last.

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