New Volvo Recharge Plug-In Hybrid for Sale in Austin

Experience Volvo Recharge Plug-in Hybrids at Volvo Cars of Austin

It takes an automaker like Volvo Cars to offer a wide selection of plug-in hybrids across the entire model line-up. And in this endeavor, the Bee Cave, TX, client is afforded true excellence in Volvo engineering and lauded safety parameters. Always at the forefront of design and environmental preservation, Volvo Recharge Plug-In hybrids make the most of electric roaming and fuel when needed.


The Beauty of a Volvo Recharge Plug-In Hybrid SUV, Sedan, Wagon

When fuel prices fluctuate given world events or a cyberattack limits fuel supplies, it serves freedom-loving Texans to rely upon themselves. Enter Volvo Recharge Plug-In hybrids comprising luxury SUVs of Volvo XC90 and XC60, Volvo S90 and S60 sedans and the Volvo V60 wagon.

Though not fully freed of fuel need, you're not strictly beholden to it either. With a full, overnight charge, each Volvo Recharge Plug-In hybrid will venture up to 22-miles on pure-electric powering. And, when such capacity wanes, the hybrid operation kicks-in and uses the fuel supply for those added miles. For short commutes or quick errand running, you're in pure-electric mode throughout.

It's really a profound sense engineering prowess that would enable a reduced demand for fuel near Lakeway and Pflugerville. Less demand for fuel reduces caustic tailpipe emissions by default. In fact, Volvo Cars has committed itself to a company-wide mission that will see most, if not all, of its production dedicated to Volvo Pure-Electric Vehicles (EV).

The Other Features of the Volvo Recharge Plug-In Hybrids

Not only is Volvo concerned with environmental conservation pertaining to air quality, but it has created an efficient, luxurious machine to savor. With model trims, the Volvo pilot is treated to amenities and appointments that surround all occupants in Scandinavian comfort. From seating surfaces incorporating blended wool fabrics to Bowers & Wilkins speakers and Orrefors® crystal crowning gear shifters, the experience taken is one of refined sophistication.

And when speaking Volvo, one cannot leave out those hallowed safety descriptions that have made Volvo SUVs, sedans and wagons what they remain geared toward: the protection of all occupants.

Safety Inherent in a Volvo Recharge Plug-In Hybrid

Proprietary driver assistance is collectively meant to help ensure safety all around. It's been said by Volvo Cars' executives that no occupant should lose their life in a Volvo. Period.

With that said, assisting the driver is technology that senses imminent collisions, and brakes for them. The Blind Spot Information System (BLIS™) with a steer-assist function will alert as to vehicles beside and will actively support your redirection.

Cloud-based communication renders pertinent information as to road conditions and weather in real-time for efficient preparation of what's on the horizon. As well, Run-off Road Mitigation is designed to sense a driver's wayward drift, and will steer the vehicle back to safety. Parking is enhanced given cross-traffic alerting to the possibility of a vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist behind. Auto brake will be initiated in order to save the day.

Hybrid Distinction Doesn't Detract from Exterior Styling

In all, Volvo Cars exemplifies design, and will incorporate certain elements to accentuate determined contours. From dual-integrated tailpipes and 20-inch, 10-spoke alloy wheels, you are projecting a sense of panache. LED headlights and chrome detailing exude more than just a thrifty way of spiriting you around San Marcos. You're ensconced in a surrounding, sculpted frame that also serves to protect should there be an unfortunate circumstance. In all, Volvo Recharge Plug-In hybrids are that Renaissance-minded way of looking at travel today: Well-rounded.

Volvo Cars of Austin is Brimming with Volvo Recharge Plug-In Hybrids

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