Volvo Recharge Pure Electric for Sale in Austin

Pure-Electric Volvo Offerings at Volvo Cars of Austin

It's not every day a dealership is afforded an all-new model to get excited over. And if that new vehicle is a pure-electric offering, there's more reason to announce to the greater Austin, TX, area of what will truly be a statement made by Volvo Cars.

Coming soon to the Volvo Cars of Austin pure-electric line-up of Volvo XC40 Recharge trims is Volvo C40 Recharge crossover. And with this addition, a new way of defining luxury.

Introducing the Volvo C40 Recharge Pure-Electric Crossover

This newest Volvo Recharge demands our full attention. Given a full charge, expect up to 200+miles of pure-electric roaming past service stations in Bee Cave and Lakeway. With such a radius, you're not affected by fluctuating fuel prices considering you'll never need fuel again.

Power is assured with the 4.5-second reach to 60 mph from a standstill. As well, with an interior entirely free of leather, you're committing yourself to a redefined sense of luxury amid all those other vehicles on Pflugerville roads. Call out, "Hey Google," and built-in Google applications of Assistant, Maps and Play come to life for the enjoyment of all occupants. Google Maps will direct you to charging stations, and you may learn of battery levels on the centralized cockpit display or your smartphone.

Given such design and those Volvo attributes of uncompromising safety and efficiency, you may only reserve the Volvo C40 Recharge in expectation of a later delivery date. Though, the wait well worth it in-light of pure-electric powering encased in a sporty crossover for traveling from San Marcos.

Volvo XC40 Recharge SUV - The Older Cousin

This Volvo Recharge pure-electric luxury SUV has been a standout for some time. As the very first pure-electric Volvo vehicle, it has done much to pave the way for others to follow. With that said, the driver is afforded pure-electric roaming of up to 208-miles. Generated horsepower comprises a rating of 402, while helping to propel from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.7-seconds. And with a 40-minute charge, the battery is at 80% capacity. When it's time for another charge on-the-fly, the built-in route planner will automatically recommend when and where to recharge.

Safety Isn't Spared with Volvo Recharge Pure-Electric Vehicles

Safety is a Volvo Cars hallmark. And this sensibility extends to the pure-electric offerings in Volvo XC40 and Volvo C40. With the proprietary IntelliSafe Assist suite of driver-assistance features, the driver and occupants are delivered a comprehensive system that helps in any situation. From adaptive cruise control and pilot assist to curve speed adaptation and distance alerting, almost all driving elements are taken-into-account. Each function works as a collective operation, meant to envelope occupants within a safe, kinetic space.

Protecting What's Most Valuable in the World

An advanced frame design and body structuring look to cocoon your occupants in an accident. Surrounding airbag configurations from front, above and side are designed to lessen or neutralize impact injuries. And given the potential for battery damage in a collision, a unique safety cage protects the large battery, thereby mitigating potential harm and hazard.

More Amenities, More Comfort

For those of us recreationally active, gear, equipment and even water bottles have their place within Volvo XC40 Recharge. Charging cables are afforded their own front compartment for easy handling and access. Strategically placed Harmon Kardon premium speakers lend a concert-hall experience for the drive. And the personal touch of the Volvo On Call smartphone application may remotely control certain aspects of your pure-electric experience.

Find Your Pure-Electric Dream at Volvo Cars of Austin

When you feel the time is right to pure-electric powering, visit our local Austin area dealership for a test drive.